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Can I gift Remento to multiple people?
Can I gift Remento to multiple people?
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Can I gift Remento to multiple people?

Yes, it's easy to gift Remento to multiple storytellers! Once you've purchased Remento for one person, simply tap "Add a project" in the drop down menu on the left side of your screen.

Since each storyteller needs their own subscription to Remento and their own email address, after you've checked out for one storyteller, you'll need to login, configure your first storyteller, then checkout again for your next storyteller.

What happens if my second storyteller shares an email with my first?

When you're setting up your second storyteller who shares an email with your firsrt, you have two options:

  1. Create a free email account for them (recommended) You can create a free email account for them using Google, Hotmail, Yahoo, or any other email service provider. If you'd like their emails to go to one inbox, you can set up mail forwarding.

  2. Modify the email address with a "+" if they have a Gmail or Outlook address:

    There's a nifty trick for anyone who uses a Google managed account. Our system treats it as a different email address, but the same inbox will receive it. For example, if their email is, you could use, but you can put whatever you'd like after the "+" and before the "" that's alpha-numerical. As a heads up, they'll appear to receive all emails twice.

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