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What is Remento and how does it work?
What is Remento and how does it work?
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What is Remento?

The Remento Book turns weekly recorded reflections into written stories, shares them with invited family members each week, and prints them into a hardcover book featuring QR codes that link directly to the original recordings.

How does Remento work?

Each week, Remento storytellers receive a new prompt - either an open-ended question or photo - selected by the storyteller or invited family.

From any device with internet, the storyteller records their response to the prompt - no logins or downloads required (see more here). Remento’s Speech-to-Story™ technology then automatically turns their recording into a written story and shares it with family, each of whom can share a reaction or ask a follow-up from within the Remento website.

Finally, the written stories and photos are compiled in a hardcover, color-printed book, featuring QR codes that link to the original recordings.

What does a Remento Book look like?

Remento's keepsake books are beautifully bound and printed in vibrant color. Each book features all uploaded photos and written stories, plus QR codes that link to the original recordings of each story.

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