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How do I order my book?
How do I order my book?
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Once a minimum of 10 stories have been recorded, you can tap "Order books" on the left side of your screen to being the process of ordering your Remento Book.

In the following steps, you'll be able to:

  1. Design cover: Add a photograph, pick the color of your book, create a title of the book, and add a subtitle. Note: The title can only have up to 4 lines of text, with up to 20 characters per line. Be sure to tap enter "enter" to split the content across multiple lines

  2. Review stories: Drag the stories up and down to change their order, or exclude any you don't want to include.

  3. Preview book: View a PDF preview of your book.

  4. Select quantity: Select how many books you'd like to order to this address. To ship to multiple addresses, you'll need to checkout multiple times.

  5. Shipping: Add shipping details for where you'd like us to send the book.

  6. Checkout: Finalize your order and pay any remaining balance not covered by existing credits.

How long will it take to print and deliver my book?

With standard shipping, hardcover books take approximately 21 business days to deliver from the day they are ordered. We also offer economy and expedited shipping for an additional cost.

How much does a Remento Book cost?

Your first year subscription includes access to the digital platform and a credit for one free hardcover, color-printed book up to 200 pages shipped within the United States using standard shipping. Books over 200 pages in length will incur a $30 additional fee.

Can I purchase additional copies?

Yes! Additional books can be purchased for a fee. Books 200 pages and fewer are $69, and books 201-380 pages are $99 each. Read more here.

Where can Remento ship to?

Remento offers free shipping within the United States and can ship to Canada for an additional fee. Read more about our shipping policies here.

Can I ship to multiple addresses?

Yes! You can order as many different books to as many different addresses as you'd like. For each separate address, you'll need to check out separately.

Learn more about the pricing of books, including additional copies here.

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