How do I gift Remento?
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How do I gift Remento?

There are two different ways to purchase Remento for a loved one; either:

  1. Purchase Remento as their host (preferred): This will give you the opportunity to help them pick prompts, edit stories, invite family members, and coordinate the printing of their books.

  2. Purchase them a gift card: We'll send you a unique code that they'll be able to use to get 100% off their purchase of Remento.

We understand the importance of knowing what exactly will be given to your storyteller and when. In this article, we’ll provide clear guidelines for what you can expect.

Can I set a delivery date in the future?

When you purchase Remento as a host, you can choose when you'd like your gift to be sent during the purchase process.

Once you've selected a delivery date, you can modify the date at any point in the future in the Manage Storyteller page.

Note: The first welcome email we send to your storyteller will be delivered very early in the morning.

When you purchase Remento as a gift card, you are in control of delivering that gift card whenever you would like.

Can I set today as the gift delivery date?

Yes! Remento is a great last-minute gift that can be electronically delivered the same day via email. If you choose today as your gift delivery date, your storyteller will receive their welcome email including your custom gift message within 15 minutes.

When will my storyteller receive their first prompt?

Prompts are sent weekly on Wednesday. If your delivery date is a Tuesday, your storyteller will receive their first prompt the next day. If the delivery date is a Wednesday, their first prompt will be delivered the following Wednesday. You can choose to send a prompt immediately if you are a host or wait for Remento's automated reminders.

Do you have a printable gift card for when I give the gift?

Yes! Once you purchase Remento, we will send you an email that links to a printable gift card (and you can also find a copy of it here). Additionally, Remento will always send an email to your gift recipient on your chosen gift delivery date. If you would like to give a physical card first, set your delivery date during purchase after that in-person gifting date.

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