What does Remento cost?
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What’s included in my Remento subscription?

The first year purchase of Remento includes a year of unlimited access to our digital platform ($99 value), plus a free credit for a color-printed, hardcover book up to 200 pages ($69 value).

Here’s everything you get as a part of your first year subscription:

  • One credit for a hardcover, color-printed book

  • One year of access to Remento's digital platform, including:

    • Unlimited stories: There’s no upper limit to how many stories you can create on Remento.

    • Unlimited Speech-to-Story™ transformations: Converts spoken words into beautifully written narratives.

    • Unlimited collaborators: Invite an unlimited number of family members to create prompts and to view and interact with stories.

    • Access to Remento’s prompt bank: This includes the ability to upload your own photos, create your own questions, or choose from hundreds of questions in the Remento prompt bank.

    • Access to Remento’s virtual interviewing studio: Easy-to-use platform for recording memories.

    • Access to Remento’s family memory hub: Securely access your stories and recordings in a cloud-based hub from any device either by directly logging in or by scanning the QR codes in your printed book. Learn more here.

What's not included in my Remento subscription?

  1. A fee associated with printing any book over 200 pages ($30).

  2. Additional books, which can be purchased for a fee. Books 200 pages and fewer are $69, and books 201-380 pages are $99 each. Read more here.

What does it cost to renew Remento?

At the end of year, the subscription can be renewed for $99 to maintain full access to the digital platform and enable the collection of more stories. We’ll provide clear communication in advance of the renewal date and customers who do not renew will be able to download their recordings.

What happens if I don't renew my subscription?

At the end of your subscription, you’ll be prompted to print your book and renew your digital subscription in order to maintain full access to the digital platform and the stories your family has recorded. If you decide not to renew your subscription, you’ll be able to download all recordings directly to your own device.

How can I prevent my subscription from renewing?

Though we remind you 30 days before your subscription renews, we understand the desire not to renew your subscription automatically. Simply reach out to us using the chat bubble on the website or send an email to support@remento.co and we'll be happy to ensure you are opted out of auto-renewal.

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