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How does the Remento Book work?
How does the Remento Book work?
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Remento's keepsake books are beautifully bound and printed in vibrant color. Each book features all uploaded photos and written stories, plus QR codes that link to the original recordings of each story.

What size is the Remento Book?

Remento Books are 8"x10" hardcover, color-printed books.

How do the QR codes work?

At Remento, we've incorporated QR codes in our books to facilitate access to original digital content. QR codes are unique identifiers that can be scanned using a smartphone equipped with a QR reader application.

Scanning QR codes in Remento Books instantly unlocks related original digital content such as author commentary or supplementary materials. This process simply involves scanning the QR code with any cell phone or tablet and following the link provided to the online content.

Do I need to maintain a subscription to use the QR codes?

Yes. The QR codes link directly to your Remento digital account, which will be accessible to you as long as you maintain a subscription with Remento. As a reminder, you can download all content you create with Remento at any time. Read more about the Remento subscription here.

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